Let’s talk about skin, baby

Anybody who knows me has probably heard my obsession with probiotics, and it’s ok if you think I’m crazy for saying that. One of the first questions I ask my customers when they sit in my chair is do you use a probiotic? Yes, when you hear the word probiotic you assume it has to do with your immune and digestive system, which is does. But did you know that probiotics are also good for your skin? A lot issues with your digestive system, immune system and skin issues can be cured with something as simple as a probiotic. They help level out the good and bad bacteria in your body, and they effect overall physical and mental health.

My favorite probiotic, and one I’m currently taking, is Probiotic Sufficiency by Innate Choice. It is 100% vegetarian, dairy free and wheat free probiotic.  It’s very easy on the stomach and also important for kids to take as well.

pro photo

Here are 10 reasons why I love probiotics:

  1. They rid the body of harmful bacteria and reboots beneficial bacteria
  2. They can increase the rate of acne clearing
  3. They support gluten sensitives and provide relief for other chronic conditions
  4. They can reduce the odds of eczema
  5. They enhance a mother’s milk, and while the mom receives the benefits, so does the child
  6. They keep things in working order (if you know what I mean)
  7. They support healthy cholesterol
  8. They banish depression and anxiety
  9. They can reduce the redness seen in rosacea (an inflammatory skin condition), and also improve and strengthen the skin barrier to reduce its stinging, burning and dryness
  10. They have also been found to help build collagen, the main protein in skin that affects its texture and tone

I’m open to any and all other recommendations for probiotics, so please share them!



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